Modules and Materials Included in an HR Certification Training Program

One of the good things about an HR certification training program is that it is now available in online forms. Hence, students do not have to attend actual classes personally. Online courses eliminate the need for traveling just to be in classes. This convenience is due to the availability of various training materials that come with the training course. Examples of training materials are the following:


HR Certification Training 300x104 Modules and Materials Included in an HR Certification Training ProgramWebinars can be compared to seminars. The difference is that they are done through virtual platforms instead of being physically present in the actual seminar. It follows the same format of having a resource person and several attendees. The resource person will talk in front of the camera and talk through this microphone. The video will be streamed through a special webinar platform, which trainees will watch.

The format in delivering webinars may vary. Some use special webinar platforms while others may conduct them using a regular video call program. This platform allows developers to be more flexible in the programs they create. Access for the platform includes webinar links, which have different ways of accessing. Some may have special access codes to attend the webinars while clicking on the link give them instant access.

Attendees can interact with the resource person as long as they have their own microphones or cameras. They can ask question and the resource person will be around to answer them.


E-books are add-ons that come with HR certification training. They are downloadable references that may have different contents. For webinars, e-books may have the entire course outline and special points written down. Webinars, unless they are recorded, only have limited access. Therefore, attendees won’t be able to access them after a specific time. This is where e-books are helpful.

Some trainees who forgot some important points in the program want to know them again. They can use these books to help them remember these points. E-books are downloadable at the same portal or provided separately through emails. Regardless of the means of access, trainees have a guarantee that this reference will be of great use in the future.

Special Classroom Access

Several training programs offer special portals or classes. These classes can be forums or other special source webpages where trainees can gain access to specific topics and even interact with others. Since this program is meant for trainees, they may have special access to ensure only listed individuals are able to enter and get a hold of the vital HR certification training references.

Downloadable Videos

The problem with streaming is the video cannot be downloaded and saved in computers. Luckily, many program developers include special downloadable videos for trainees to use in the future.

Downloadable videos come in different types. Some providers may have recorded the actual webinar and saved them as downloadable videos. Videos are stored in their own servers and offered for downloads.

Some program developers also add special videos as part of the package. Special videos include additional tips, special features, and a lot more. This add-on depends on the HR certification training programs added by service providers. Because they are downloadable, they can watch the media every time they want to.

Special Training Materials

Special training materials are like additional references that may not be directed to the actual program’s description. Program description states a certain topic, but some providers would like to add more to benefit trainees. They are additional information that many individuals may find useful in the long run. Special features may range from additional videos, books and podcasts. The new information will serve as an investment and will be available at no cost.

Shopping for HR certification training programs should be simple with all the product descriptions posted online. Take note of these module types to know how you will learn the topics and set your expectation.

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Who Gets Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins have a long history in the military. Traditionally, these coins were given to soldiers to recognize their valor and sacrifices to fulfill their duties for their country. The practice of giving special coins for these started in Ancient Rome. This became more popular during the Second Boer War but for a different reason. During this war, non-commissioned military personnel were used to help the British forces. They had a mercenary status, which prevented them from receiving military awards and citations. The award was unjustly given to their commanding officer instead. In order to remedy the injustice, these non-commissioned personnel took the award without the commanding officer’s knowledge. The medallion was cut off from its ribbon. Then, in a public ceremony, they would commend the rightful person. Part of the ceremony would be a handshake, during which the said coin or medallion was passed secretly to the rightful recipient of the award.

Challenge coins 300x173 Who Gets Challenge Coins?Challenge coins are also given to certain units, to show membership. A legend is actually attached to this use of the coins. An aircraft gunman was downed in a German territory. All his belongings were taken from him except for a coin. He later escaped and found himself in France. The French troops mistook him for a spy and sentenced him to death. He had no other proof that he was an ally, except for his single coin. The coin was given to him and his fellow soldiers by one of their officers. The coin was recognized to be that of an ally. Using the coin, the aircraft gunman’s identity was later confirmed. He was set free and escorted back to his unit. Through the next few years, challenge coins became a symbol of one’s membership to specific units.

Another time that challenge coins were used was during the Korean War. Members of the 17th Infantry Regimen that served in this war received the “Buffalo Bill” challenge coin. The commanding officer, Colonel Quinn, had these coins to honor the unit’s participation in the war.

These coins are also given when a soldier finishes trainings or after completing certain mission. One example is the United States Air Force. Their cadets would receive their first coins in a coin ceremony as part of their graduation. A few more coins would be given to the airmen during their term of service.

In recent years, these special coins are no longer confined within the military ranks. Personnel would also get coins in recognition for the services rendered to the military cause.

Pioneered by US President Bill Clinton, challenge coins were also given to families of soldiers to recognize the sacrifice made by their relatives. These coins are also given to chosen dignitaries, as a sign of respect and warm welcome. A few people who rendered extraordinary support and service for the US also receive Presidential coins. Coins are handed out according to the discretion of the president. President George W. Bush was known to hand these out to injured soldiers when they came home from military tour of duty in the Middle East. President Obama is known to give these more often to soldiers that are stationed at the stairs of the President’s Air Force One. The coins are given during a handshake.

Challenge coins are not just restricted to military use. Police departments would hand these coins to officers for doing a good job. Fore departments hand these out to firefighters, especially after a particularly difficult rescue situation. Civic organizations are known to give out coins to their members. These include organizations such the Boys Scouts and the Lions Club. Lastly, there are several civilian groups that have their own coins. This includes Star Wars’ 501st Legion cosplayers, Linux users, and riders of Harley Davidson.

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Ready to Buy SARMs? Reasons to Help You Decide

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators refer to a class of hormones that are responsible for linking androgens and cellular androgen receptors. These receptors are considered as important components of the complex signal transduction pathway. One of the primary purposes of an androgen receptor is to produce greater results for specific genes. When prohormones and anabolic steroids are connected with this androgen receptor, their muscle building capacities are stimulated.

In a nutshell, any drug that can stimulate the production of the same nuclear hormone receptor in various conditions is called a selective androgen receptor. What are commonly referred to as SARMs block and stimulate the same nuclear hormone to bring about one of two desired results: it could either copy the beneficial effects of the nuclear hormone in a tissue or it could reduce the ill effects that nuclear hormone is bringing to the tissues.

SARMS 300x113 Ready to Buy SARMs? Reasons to Help You DecidePeople who buy SARMs are those who want the results that are produced by the traditional anabolic androgenic steroids. These results include the production of testosterone. This is a hormone that is responsible for increasing muscle mass, fat loss, and strengthening the bone density, without resulting in the unwanted effects caused by synthetic steroids. Hence, those who buy SARMs want to experience the benefits that could be produced by using steroids by not using steroids itself.

SARMs is a product that is fast getting the attention of consumers all over the world today, not only among athletes and bodybuilders but also among people who want to improve their physical endurance and gain muscle quickly and easily without having to feel much physical pain and stress. They buy SARMS for the following reasons:

1. to stimulate the development of the androgen receptor,

2. to combat muscle wasting diseases, from osteoporosis to the worse cases of cancer; and

3. to improve the results of hormone replacement therapy.

SARMs have been developed and prescribed by doctors to address issues about the side effects brought by anabolic steroids and testosterone replacement therapy. These side effects are largely due to pharmacokinetic properties. SARMs are intended to produce muscular growth and strength while eliminating the secondary undesired effects. More and more pharmaceuticals are developing and manufacturing a whole lot of these selective androgen receptor. Since it could be generally bought in the market today with the prescription of a medical practitioner, more people buy SARMs even as further studies on such androgen receptor goes on.

The discovery and development of non steroidal SARMs promises to provide oral bioavailability, adaptability of structural modification, androgen receptor specificity, and tissue selectivity. Those who would like to acquire the development and maintenance of male secondary characteristics such as increase in bone mass, muscle mass, body composition, and spermatogenesis are attracted to the promises of SARMs. There is no stopping the hype and attention because androgen receptors have been true to their promises for almost a century already since its first discovery.

Even though the World Anti-Doping Agency has banned the use of SARMs, athletes and bodybuilders still continue to buy SARMs and use them, making the best advantages they could get from the androgen hormone. Athletes and bodybuilders are not affected by the warnings by the World Anti-Doping Agency because they are more attracted to the benefits they could get from the androgen receptor. Unlike steroids, SARMs are administered orally rather than through injections.

There are various forms of Selective Androgen Modulator Receptors but not all are commercially available yet. On record, there are already 30,000 of them that have been invented and developed. These forms will have to be tested. Once they satisfactorily pass the tests, they can already be launched for public consumption. The investigation, analysis, and testing of potential SARMs should bring end products that protect the health and well-being of the people who will take them. At present, SARMs are available as Ostarine (MK-2866) and S-4 (Andarine). These are the two brands that are popular among fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and bodybuilders today.

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Buying vs. Renting Storage Containers: Which Will Save You More Money

Storage containers are now widely sold or rented on the market. Depending on how you intend to use them, many companies are now providing quality containers—both brand new and used.

storage containers Buying vs. Renting Storage Containers: Which Will Save You More MoneyAs it is designed to be durable, these containers have been proven to be most useful to businessmen. The use of these metal containers to ship/store their products, or build modern portable offices really helps cut their expenses to a very reasonable price. Thus, they generate more money without losing their products’ quality. They can either invest the money they saved/generated into another venture or to the same business to help improve the quality of their products.

For most of the people, however, the use of these prefabricated containers is limited to storage and shipping utility to transport their belongings to a new space or home. In these cases, renting storage containers from is more ideal. Renting containers will spare you the hassle of disposal once you don’t need them anymore. This is why people prefer renting over owning.

Owning a Storage Container

In the long run, how can owning a shipping container save you more money? The answer is innovation. Either you own a shipping company or you’re just an ordinary person who wants to have a temporary storage unit, buying a storage container will save you more money if you know how to “not” dispose of it after use.

Unless you really don’t want to, storage containers can be transformed into many beautiful yet very useful stuff. In fact, these containers are widely used not only as storage and shipping units but also as dwelling places—both portable and stationary. Provided the right plan, metal storages can be put up as an extension space in your home or a sole dwelling unit for you or your kids who want to have their own spaces. Instead of getting them an expensive apartment in the city, innovating one of your storage units into a modern dwelling place can save you more money than you have expected.

Another wonderful thing about these storage units is their portability. A lot of people are turning them into camping homes. Its rectangular shape make it easier for architects and home designers to put up with. Its naturally industrial look make it more exciting to play with. All they needed to do was to create windows and doors, and try to fit a home into its very little space. It is a home on its own and many people are actually finding it very livable, even in the long run.

Renting a Storage Container

If you consider using storage units for only a few months without a thought of having it turned into an extra living space or anything else, then renting is the right choice for you.

However, some factors are needed to be completely thought upon. First thing to consider is the size of the container you wish to rent. Will all your belongings/products fit into a 20-foot or a 40-foot container? How many storage containers will you need to transport them all at once? Would you consider used containers, or would you rather go for the new ones? Renting brand new containers is much expensive, but how will a used container hold your belongings/products? In this case, you need to personally check the containers that you wish to rent. Communication between you and the storage container’s company will go a long way.

Either you rent or wish to own a storage container, you’re definitely going to save a lot of money. Not only that is economic friendly, it is also good for the environment.It helps disposing a lot storage units that were left by previous ownerfor abandonment along the sea coasts.

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All about ID Lanyards

ID Lanyards are commonly used in many offices, hospitals and schools. These are also utilized in many corporate events, tradeshows and concerts as a means of enhancing security. Various styles and colors are available to match the needs of the users. Using these lanyards is an inexpensive way to display the logo of the company and to provide a simple way to identify employees and visitors, as well as organizers for big events.

ID Lanyards All about ID LanyardsLanyards can be customized to bear the company brand and other important details like telephone numbers or website addresses. There are a lot of ways to print on the lanyard’s fabric, depending on budget constraints and requirements of the business. Below are some of the means to customize these lanyards:

•Silkscreen printing -

Using a process that utilizes stencils and silkscreens, ink is forced through the mesh of the screen and prints onto the material. This kind of printing can be done on satin and polyester lanyards. Silk-screening is very affordable and economical. However, companies should order their ID Lanyards in bulk to keep the cost low. Small businesses that have a smaller quantity requirement should opt to use the heat-transfer method, instead.

•Heat-transfer -

Using a heat-press machine, heat-transfer or dye sublimation printing is the best option for full-color printing. Colors are printed on a white background using sublimation ink and are transferred by heat on the lanyard. Intricate designs including QR codes are reproduced accurately using this method of printing.

•Jacquard loom weaving -

Have you noticed some companies with their logos or names woven into the ID Lanyards? This is done by using the Jacquard loom system, which produces beautifully rendered designs. These lanyards are more durable and ensure that business logos will not fade, nor come off over time.

•Offset printing –

This method produces very high quality images and texts that are distinctively clear. Images from a plate are transferred to a rubber-like blanket and to a printing surface afterwards. This process produces consistently sharp images, but it is also the cheapest one in the market. Complex artworks can be easily imprinted in most lanyards using a four-color process imprint. This is the same process used to print high quality photographic prints.

ID Lanyards can be further customized by choosing the fabrics that meet the requirements of various companies. Selecting the right kind of lanyard material is important to match the brand identity of the business. Some of the most common materials used in this process are the following:

•Polyester –

Polyester is one of the most common materials utilized to manufacture apparel, home furnishings and other ordinary accessories. Most of these products can be found in the home or workplace. The popularity of using Polyester stems from the fact that these materials are durable, have very high color retention and are resistant to wrinkling.

•Nylon –

Used frequently in ID Lanyards, it is one of the most inexpensive yet dependable material to use. It is highly resistant to molds, fungi, mildew and rotting. Its lustrous appearance and resistance to abrasion makes nylon an excellent choice for many companies.

•Satin –

Lanyards made of satin are soft, thin, lightweight, and show no visible thread marks. It has a luxurious appearance and has a very smooth feel. Artworks printed on satin are bright, sharp and vibrant. It is a material most suited for digitally printed designs.

•PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) –

PET is a resin belonging to the polyester family, and is often used in synthetic fibers. Highly resistant to water and moisture, it is a marvellous material to use. It is hygienic, resistant to molds and can be machine washed as well.

Author Bio:

Wholesale Lanyards offers an amazing range of top-quality ID Lanyards in a variety of materials, printing styles and prices.

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Building Marketing Collateral Requires A Solid SEO Company At The Helm

There are a lot of ways to get attention for websites, businesses, and more. No matter what you’re doing online, you can build a great deal of attention through several different implementation processes, but amidst the best ones that you are going to find today, is that of SEO. This simple acronym stands for search engine optimization and it can be the difference between building a large empire and getting ignored. That’s right, there’s not much of an in between here, and it’s going to be evident through the push forward of several different options overall. It’s important to understand this as a whole, because if you go through the wrong areas, you are going to end up losing out on the greater good that comes from building the right framework of internet traffic and more. That being said, consider how finding a good NY SEO Company to work with can change your site’s future, no matter what type of website it may be.

Dealing With The Algorithmic Shifts

Right now every single search company has a way that they are putting together search results. They are doing so in a variety of different arenas, and they are putting together their own rules. The major sites today are not publishing the way that they put together their algorithms nor are they telling marketers what to change in order to see more market collateral. You may find yourself pushing through a variety of different areas to try and get attention, and through the pushing, you may get a little bit of a helping hand, but more often than not, search engines aren’t going to give you any preferential treatment based on the SEO that you utilize.

However, they are going to penalize you. When you don’t use a NY SEO Company or any sort of help at all, you’re going to get hit hard with penalties. Penalties that arise in the world of marketing can end up causing you to see traffic spike in the opposite direction than you need. You will find that some companies are going to find themselves lost amidst the shuffle of contextual placement, and could very well lead to your downfall, if you do not hire the right company to help you build the optimization campaigns necessary to get to the top.

The Content Marketing Problem

NY SEO Company 300x168 Building Marketing Collateral Requires A Solid SEO Company At The HelmContent marketing is an issue that ends up coming into the crosshairs of algorithmic penalties. The reason why this is a problem is because content can be defined in a lot of different ways. You may see that one content solution may not work for you, but others can. There’s currently no less than around 20 different options that you are going to want to look into to build on. As you start to build on the different options, your audience may react to one and not the other. However, as you experiment, you may find that a penalty can come down from search results, and you will have to amend your approach. When you hire a professional, they end up dealing with this, so that you don’t have to. They look at the numbers and analyze what is working, and what isn’t working. The main goal of course is to build the right framework to get you noticed on the web. It’s something that is not going to be simple to define without looking at it from a professional grade solution.

Content can help you build a great deal of leverage online, but it could also become a detriment. If you’re not building high quality, shareable, and quality content, you are going to end up getting dropped out of the areas that you need to move forward with the most. It’s imperative that you do not seek out solutions that are going to hinder you, so watch out how you implement the solutions in regards to publishing.

Picking The Right Firm

When it comes to selecting from all the different companies that provide optimization, you may want to set your sights on regional options. For instance, if you were to search for a NY SEO Company, you would get hit with options that are based in that arena. Regional options can help you build on the right leverage to gain market share throughout the region that you want to market to, and that’s something worth exploring on a lot of different levels. Just remember, picking the right company to work with shouldn’t take you a short time. Some people focus on working in expedited fashion, and that could end up causing you to lose out on the greater good that comes from working with SEO.

At the end of the day, you could hire one of the many companies that are out there, but you want to isolate your search to only the companies that will help you get results. That being said, try out any company on a short term basis and see what they can do with your branding, otherwise, you’re going to end up losing out. Marketing takes a bit of expertise, so don’t assume that you can do it all on your own, as it may not manifest if you go at it by yourself.

Best NY SEO Company provide quality services

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What to Do During a Foreclosure and How a Long Island Foreclosure Attorney Can Help You

Reading a foreclosure notice may feel like a huge boulder has fallen on your shoulders. However gloomy the situation may be, you need to understand that it does not necessarily mean that you are going to lose your home. Today, there are many available solutions that can help you go through this challenging chapter. One thing that you must remember, though, is that you have a higher chance of keeping your home if you employ the help of a Long Island foreclosure attorney instead of just relying on yourself.

That statement was not made just to give some attorney a job, but mainly because it is an obvious fact that you do not have the sufficient background on real estate law or in bankruptcy law that can help you identify your rights and the legal step-by-step process of a foreclosure proceeding. Not being armed with the right information can only bring you on more serious trouble. Furthermore, with the current financial blow that you are experiencing that has definitely affected your morale and self-esteem, worrying about a foreclosure is just added stress to you. Therefore, let an expert Long Island foreclosure attorney handle the task, which may, in fact, end on good results.

As mentioned, there are several options that you can consider to solve your problem and some of them will be discussed here for you.

Loan Modification

Long Island foreclosure attorney What to Do During a Foreclosure and How a Long Island Foreclosure Attorney Can Help YouHere, you and your lawyer can directly approach the lender to ask for a restructuring of the loan. More often than not, lenders do agree to this option because they do believe that it is better to keep collecting mortgages than not. To help you be able to pay your mortgage, your new loan term may reflect a lower monthly liability for a specified period of time with the condition that you pay the deficiency as a lump sum on a specified date. This somehow gives you time to manage your finances.

Other forms of restructuring can also be done, it will really depend on your negotiations with your lender. Your Long Island foreclosure attorney may even take this task upon himself, including sealing the deal with the proper documentations. With a loan modification, you can prevent the foreclosure proceeding from moving forward.

Short Sale

In a short sale, you are given the chance to sell your home and use the proceeds to pay off the loan. A short sale, however, often results to an amount that is less than the balance of the loan. In some cases, lenders would accept the payment even if there is a deficit, but in others, you will be obliged to pay that deficit later on. The advantage of a short sale is that it saves you the embarrassment and your credit record will not be affected too. Hence, once your finances recover, it will be easy for you to take a new loan for a new home. Again, your Long Island foreclosure attorney can help you with this process because this does require negotiating with the lender and submitting necessary documents as well.


Filing for bankruptcy can significantly ruin your credit record, but sometimes it is the only option available for you to be able to keep your home. When you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will be allowed to pay your arrearage on a repayment plan that you agree upon. With a Chapter 7, you can be free from your debts but foreclosure can still proceed. Either way, you will need the services of a foreclosure attorney to file for bankruptcy in your behalf.

Again, receiving a foreclosure notice is not the end of the world. With the options stated above, you can still keep your home as long as you meet the conditions you have agreed upon.

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Knowing More about the MLS Long Island Listings System

The MLS Long Island Listings system is a type of computerized network that can help thousands of firms in the real estate field on a nationwide scale. Within the network, real estate agents can share detailed pieces of information and sale property details as a good method to help them serve the clients who plan to buy or sell homes.

The System

The MLS listings system is typically used as a marketing tool by well-known property brokerage firms and other similar organizations. Few real estate professionals may argue with the notion that the listing service is definitely critical in successfully selling your property. In fact, estimates show that around 85 percent of the properties that are sold on a national level are typically listed under the MLS listings system. In other words, if you list your condominium, home, townhouse, land, or other types of similar properties, you let every client know that your property is currently up for sale. Typically, if you are planning to sell something, more people who know something about your current business will mean a greater chance for you to look for numerous potential buyers. Also, more interested clients can translate into more money that you can get out of the sale.

How It Works

Through the MLS Long Island Listings system, you can readily acquire a state-licensed agent to list your condo, home, land, or townhouse on the service in exchange for a reasonable flat fee. This typically starts at around $280. The agent who is assigned to list your property under the prescribed database will not receive a commission in contrast to the traditional case. Instead of the conventional commissioning method, you can pay for the commission of around two to three percent to the sole broker who currently brings you a client for your property. Only upon the successful sale will the agent get a share. For the listing system, you should rest assured that there are no hidden agendas with the flat fee listing.


The following are some of the reasons why it is highly encouraged to take on the flat fee listing service:

You can avoid the traditional agent commissions of around two to three percent and eventually pay for just the flat fee instead.
The system can help you get your property listed under the same effective system that real estate agents and other professionals use across the country.
You do not have to worry about the presence of surprise charges and hidden fees. This can give you a greater chance of planning for future transaction-related expenses more effectively.
Through the system, you can have the chance to get more exposure for your property even if you do not work too hard to let everyone know about your property.
Listing your home can only take you around one to two days. This can give you more time to make the necessary legal arrangements before selling out your property.

Knowing more about the MLS Long Island listings system can definitely help you go a long way. This is as far as selling off your properties is concerned. In the long run, understanding every phase that you need to go through when selling your properties can help you close more satisfying deals in the near future.

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From Nails To Nubs: A Short History Of Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are considered among the “basics” of today’s golfing gear, but as with many commonplace, day-to-day items people use, no one really gives much thought on how they came about.

A Rough Start

Although it is impossible to place a specific date on their creation, it is estimated that they’ve been around for at least 150 years. One of the earliest documented references can be found in a Scottish publication called The Golfer’s Manual. In its 1857 issue, a rough description of spiked footwear suited for beginners was mentioned.

The earliest spiked shoes were quite dangerous, however. They had a reputation for causing injury. This was due to the nails on the shoes piercing the sole and gouging the feet of unfortunate golfers.

If that wasn’t enough, they were also quite heavy. The heels by themselves were 30 ounces each!

Screwing Up And Around

The next development in the history of golf shoes was the introduction of shoes with separate screw-in spikes in 1891. Thus, the concept of replaceable spikes (which is still very much alive today) was born.

golf shoes From Nails To Nubs: A Short History Of Golf ShoesAlthough these were more comfortable and much safer than the previously used “nail shoes,” they didn’t really catch on. Groundskeepers complained about the damage the spikes caused to the greenery of golfing grounds, and eventually many banned the use of these shoes on club grounds entirely.

Back In The Saddle

After the screw-in spiked shoes, the next stage in the evolution of golf footwear was the “saddle oxford,” introduced by Spalding in 1906. These shoes, with a saddle-shaped piece of leather around the laces (hence the name), are probably the most iconic of classic golfing footwear.

But these shoes were actually not intended for golfers. Spalding originally aimed to market them to players of racket sports, but the style didn’t gain popularity in that area. It did, however, become very popular with the golfing community.

Since then, saddle oxfords have endured the test of time, and can still be seen in use today, albeit rarely.

Getting Flexible

Probably because they were originally made from leather, golf shoes were pretty stiff and rigid as far as footwear goes.

In the 1980’s, strides in running and athletic footwear allowed for the creation of more flexible and foot-friendly designs. Support, cushioning, and comfort were given more focus as manufacturers worked to make their products more wearable and appealing to consumers.

The Age Of Plastic

In the 1990’s, plastic spikes and cleats were introduced.

This finally put an end to the long-standing problem of metal spikes causing damage to golf courses. Plastic spikes were also convenient for wearers, since they made footwear for golfers lighter, aside from being a lot more comfortable and easier to walk with.

The users of metal spikes have dwindled rapidly since then, and are all but extinct today.

The Dawn Of The Spikeless

A relatively new development in golfing footwear is the emergence of spikeless golf shoes.

Instead of using spikes for traction, these shoes have strategically placed nubs that grip the terrain and distribute the weight of a golfer’s body evenly on the foot, helping improve performance by aiding in a strong and steady swing.

Pro golfer Fred Couples is largely credited for starting the trend, when he was first seen wearing a pair during a professional competition in 2010.

Since then, spikeless shoes have continued to gain popularity. Some enthusiasts predict that this new trend will eventually take over and replace spiked shoes entirely, much as plastic spikes did to metal spikes.

Whatever the future may hold, one thing is certain, the evolution of the golfer’s shoe is not done yet.

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